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Post Round Massage

Iron out the kinks in your aching sore muscles after round on the course.  This vigorous stroke massage will improve your flexibility and performance while flushing metabolic toxins from the muscular tissues.  A sure-fire way to improve your performance, endurance and recovery time.

Up-to-Par Deep Tissue Massage

A customized, therapeutic, deep tissue massage using a holistic approach with stretching, deeper strokes and trigger point techniques to encourage the release of muscular tension.  Excellent for golfers, fitness fans & weekend warriors.

Golfers Hydro Cool Mint Therapy

This 100% pure mint herbal foot soak promotes circulation.  The calves &feet are covered in a mint-cooling masque to help reduce inflammation and soreness.  Followed by a soothing feet and leg massage.

Cypress Scrub

Rest your mind while we buff, scrub and awaken your skin with a cypress blend of exfoliating grains.  Proven to stir your senses while infiltrating tired muscles and skin.  Conclude the session with an application of shea butter, leaving you feeling both relaxed and renewed.